WEEE recycling stands for Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling. It refers to any appliance that requires a battery, plug or charger.

Please check the recycling logo on your appliance. If you see the logo,  please do not put the item in your wheelie bin.

As individuals, we now have more electronic devices than ever before. In fact in the UK alone, two million new electrical appliances are purchased each year but households recycle less than a third of these.

Old electrical items are fast becoming the UK’s biggest waste concern. At Wells Electronics, we do our utmost to ensure that the Earth’s natural resources and the environment is not polluted from hazardous substances which can leak out of electrical appliances and into the soil, causing water contamination.  We value the health and safety of both humans and wildlife and advise our customers to dispose of their electrical equipment in accordance with WEEE regulations.

We make it easy for you to recycle your old electrical goods.  Customers who purchase new appliances from us can return their old equipment free of charge on a like-for-like basis.  Simply e-mail us with 28 days of purchasing your new item and we will process your WEEE returns request.

Please note that Wells Electronics does not cover the cost of returning old items back to us.  We also do not accept postal returns for lithium batteries as we are an online store. These items can be recycled at supermarkets, schools and libraries which have a waste battery collection bin.

Alternatively, you can visit www.weeecollect.com.  Simply enter your postcode to locate your nearest free drop-off point.