Projector Repair [Power Problems]

  • Intake and or exhaust fans failure.

Do you see a message reporting that there is fan lock and that your projector will be switching off? If yes, you might be having a faulty chassis or lamp fan.

  • Spent Lamps [ Check the status of your lamp]

Machine boots and fans are spinning, yet no ignition of the lamp and after a while error light is lit solid red or blinking amber.

  • lamp driver failure

Are experience intermittent boot? Lamp comes on briefly and then goes off… Fans going into overdrive mode for instance? If you are experiencing these, then your lamp driver may need to be replaced.

  • Motherboard issue.

Is your machine completely unresponsive? Boots but not igniting the lamp or boots, ignites and then goes down with error. HDMI, DVI, or VGA ports unresponsive? Menu access not working? etc.

  • Power supply Failure.

No light showing when power cable is connected? Some light but no response upon effort to switch on? Power supply board may be faulty.

Projector Repair [Video Issues]

  • Vertical or Horizontal Lines on image

Vertical or horizontal lines on image? If this is an LCD projector, then issue is with the LCD panels or video processor chip on the board. Broken LCD ribbons will equally produce this issue

  • White or black spots on image

For a DMD powered projector, this would mean that the DMD is failing. You may notice a few spots initially. These spots will gradually increase until it covers the screen. This is a repairable issue.

  • Washed out colour, blue, black, purple, red or yellow blotches on image or pixelated image?

If you are seeing any of these anomalies, your LCD panels are in difficulties. If DMD based machines, mixed colour accompanied by buzzing sound mean the colour wheel is broken.