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Fast & Reliable Projector Repair for Flawless Screen Performance

Does your cinema or theatre projector require expert attention? Look no further than Wellselectronics! We offer comprehensive repair services for all major brands and models of cinema and theatre projectors in the UK.

Our Expertise:

  • Lamp Replacement & Calibration: Ensure optimal brightness and picture quality with our lamp replacement and calibration services.
  • DLP, LCD & Lamp Technology Repairs: Our skilled technicians specialize in all projector technologies – DLP, LCD, and lamp-based systems.
  • Comprehensive Diagnostics & Fixes: We offer thorough diagnostics to pinpoint the exact issue and provide efficient repairs for a wide range of projector malfunctions.

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Don’t let projector problems disrupt your shows. Contact Wellselectronics today for a free, no-obligation quote on your cinema or theatre projector repair. We’ll get your projector back to its brilliant best in no time!

One-Stop Shop for Projector Installation, Rentals & Repairs

Seamless Projector Solutions: Installation, Rentals, & Expert Repairs

Elevate your presentations and events with Wellselectronics, your trusted partner for all things projector-related in the UK! We offer a complete suite of services to ensure flawless projection experiences:

  • Professional Projector Installation: Our experienced technicians handle seamless projector installation for homes, businesses, and venues across the UK. We ensure optimal placement, screen projection, and system calibration.

  • Flexible Projector Rentals: Need a projector for a short-term event or presentation? We offer a wide range of projector rentals to fit your specific needs and budget.

  • Expert Projector Repairs: Experience any projector malfunctions? Don’t worry! Our skilled team provides comprehensive repairs for all major brands and models.

Contact Wellselectronics for a free consultation and quote.

Keeping Your Conference & Simulation Projectors Running Smoothly

Expert Repairs for Flawless Presentations & Immersive Training

Downtime with a malfunctioning conference or simulation projector can disrupt critical meetings and training sessions. Wellselectronics provides fast and reliable repair solutions to keep your UK presentations and simulations running seamlessly.

Our Expertise:

  • Conference Projector Repair: Restore sharp visuals and clear audio for impactful presentations. We repair all major conference projector brands and models.

  • Simulation Projector Repair: Ensure smooth operation and realistic training scenarios. Our technicians specialize in complex simulation projector repairs.

  • Comprehensive Diagnostics & Fixes: We utilize advanced tools to pinpoint the exact problem and provide efficient repairs for various projector malfunctions.

 Don’t let projector issues stall your progress.
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LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Video Projectors:

Applications: Widespread use in classrooms, conference rooms, and home theaters due to affordability and versatility.

Best Suited for: Presentations, movies, and general multimedia content.

Maintenance Tips: Regular cleaning of the air filter to prevent overheating. Avoid touching the LCD panel directly.

Common Repair Issues: Lamp failure, faded colors, dead pixels, and issues with the LCD panel or its driver

DLP (Digital Light Processing) Video Projectors:

Applications: Popular choice for business and educational settings due to high contrast ratios and sharp images.

Best Suited for: Presentations, data-heavy content, and high-definition videos.

Maintenance Tips: Dust the color wheel and DLP chip periodically. Ensure proper ventilation to avoid overheating.

Common Repair Issues: Lamp failure, color wheel issues (fading, banding), and malfunctioning DLP chip (distorted image).

Laser Video Projectors:

Applications: High-end option for conference rooms, home theaters, and large venues due to exceptional brightness, long lamp life, and low maintenance.

Best Suited for: Large screens, brightly lit environments, and applications requiring vibrant colors and high contrast.

Maintenance Tips: Dust filters require regular cleaning. Avoid touching the laser light source directly.

Common Repair Issues: Laser diode failure (reduced brightness), power supply issues, and potential overheating requiring fan replacement.

Projector Repair Service

We understand the critical role projectors play in various settings, from business presentations and educational lectures to home entertainment, flight simulations and immersive gaming experiences. When your projector malfunctions, it disrupts your workflow or entertainment. At Wells Electronics, we repair all make and models of different projector technologies: LCD, DLP, Laser, SXRD, LED, and LCOS.

Consider contacting us for a quote and to discuss your specific projector repair needs. We also offer additional services like consultation, preventative maintenance, and parts sales


Repair Or Replace

Specialist electronic  repair & maintenance specialist. We combine component level diagnostics and repair where safety and quality is guaranteed with PCB replacement where it is economical enough.


Best Practice

Regular maintenance schedule ensures regular cleaning of the cooling system; intake and exhaust fans, air filters and air ducts. LCD Projector light engine cleaning including; mirrors, condenser and polarizers. Lens cleaning, inputs ports testing, e


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Free lamp fitting when you buy your projector lamp from us. We have over 12,000 original and replacement projector lamps at discount prices


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